NYSED Tech Plan up for comments

Last April, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) embarked on an outreach campaign seeking input on their new draft technology plan. They started with a meeting leaders of major professional organizations. They set up a survey on their website and met with educational technology leaders at the NYSCATE leadership summit this summer. As planned they have been holding community forums throughout the state this fall.

As a practicing educator in New York State with a keen interest in education and technology, I applaud NYSED in creating such a plan and seeking input. The problem is that I have  no notification of the plan and their outreach efforts through my school. I found out about the plan and survey though Twitter. I learned of the  NYSED discussion at the NYSCATE Leadership Summit though NYSCATE and attended. I missed the community forums because I never received notification.

I, like others, feel that we need to further broaden the conversation and  widen the avenues for input. To that end, I have created another blog based on the digressit WordPress plugin. The blog features the NYSED draft technology plan and is set up so that readers can comment upon it on a paragraph by paragraph level.

Please visit the blog and add your feedback. I will contact Larry Pasca the NYSED Technology Policy Coordinator once feedback begins to come in. Please pass the word to others that may be interested.

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  1. Liz Hood’s avatar

    As one who has been on the NYSED team creating the technology plan, I welcome your energetic effort to collect comments and feed them back to us.

    Thank you!


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