How to turn a Flickr image into an OER

If you have a Flickr account, one of the easiest ways to to contribute open educational resources (OERs) is to Creative Commons license your images. Once you have done so, your photographs will appear on Flickr’s Creative Commons search page according to the license that you have designated. This is quick and simple to do.

The first thing you need to do is to navigate to the page of one of your images.

Under Additional Information click the edit link next to All Rights reserved. The following will appear on the next page:

Just select the desired license and click save.

You can also set a default Creative Commons for all you new uploads by clicking a link on the same page:

Once you click on that page you are given the same Creative Commons license option. This will only apply to new uploads. The default licesne page also gives you the option to change the license on all the Flicker images you have already uploaded in one batch.

Creating OERs from you Flickr images is quick and easy. If every educator licensed their Flickr images under Creative Commons, it would greatly increase the number of resources available to  other educators and all learners.


You can also change the licensing of a set of images. Select a set, then click Batch Edit–>Change Licensing as shown below:

Select your licensing preference and click Change License.

Which License?

Here is a concise description of many of the options. Creative Commons has a license wizard that will guide you through the process of deciding which license to use. This post gives my reasoning in selecting CC-BY Attribution.

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