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“What would happen if there was no public education?” asked Will Richardson of Clay Shirky in a video interview. (Transcripts available here)

Beyond technology, there would a a huge child care crisis.

I spoke with a motivational speaker that came to our school to present to teachers in our part of a sparsely populated county. I mentioned how technology might replace our physical schools in the future–especially the remotely located schools like ours.

He immediately replied that it wouldn’t happen because of the child care aspect–especially in grades K-8. An interesting thought regarding the future of public schools.

If technology took the place of physical schools, who would be with the children?

Can the functions of child care and education be separated? Should they be separated? Could one imagine a school with para-professionals managing the physical children while geographically independent teachers work with learners online? Teachers certainly need to become fluent in the technology to survive as a profession whether they are physically or virtually present.

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