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One feature I didn’t see when testing beta Elgg 1.5 is the admin’s ability to set default widgets in both user profiles and dashboards. These tools, included in the Elgg 1.5 “full” package. Elgg adopters have asked for this feature since the initial release and there have been plugins that provided such functionality, but had to be configured by code.

The new functionality gives admins the ability to place default widgets in one of three columns in a format nearly identical to that the users see when they configure their widgets.


This feature allows administrators to provide new visitors with configured profiles and dashboards  rather than the blank pages that many thought were confusing and unfriendly to new users.

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Elgg 1.5 has been released by Curverider. Over the past few days, Elgg’s revisions to their Subversion repository had slowed as they put the finishing touches on the new release. 

Elgg 1.5 is available as a package or from the subversion repository. This development means that I will return to my comparisons of Elgg and BuddyPress. It also signals developers, including myself, to update Elgg themes and plugins.


Curverider released a second release candidate for Elgg 1.5 today. It can be downloaded as a tarball from their site, or you can get it from the subversion library. Release Candidate 2 brings about 40 new revisions to Elgg code since the release of the first Release Candidate last week.

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A release candidate for Elgg 1.5 was unvealed by the Curverider team today. Release candidates have been tested and are generally very stable. Nonetheless, Curverider does not recommend its use for production sites.

The core Elgg team has been working feverishly to squash remaining bugs and enhance Elgg’s performance. They have committed over 100 commits to their Subversion repository since Saturday.

I have personally tested earler incarnations of Elgg 1.5 and am glad to report that it works well. I am sure that anybody has worked with earlier versions of Elgg will be pleased with the latest. Stay tuned for another post highlighting more enhancements to the software.

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February is winding down in a few hours and many are awaiting Elgg 1.5. Whether or not they make the projected February isn’t important if you consider what the Curverider team has achieved in there progress to a much inproved social networking platform.

Elgg 1.2 was released in Decenber with Revision 2515. As of today, in the space of 2 months, they have committed 485 revisions to the code in their Subversion repository–an absolutely astounding feat!

Having tested Elgg 1.5 myself, I can tell you that its release is very close. The developers are determined to make this release as smooth and as free of bugs as possible. From what I can see remaining issues are largely minor.

I look forward to the release very soon. I am also a firm believer that it is better to delay a release than to push it out the door before it is the best it can be! Those who simply cannot wait can always check out the latest version in the Elgg repository. The usual caveat applies: don’t run trunk on a production site.


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